Meet our Team

Andrew Woodcock

Managing Director

Andrew Woodcock, the company founder, has had over 40 years’ experience in the aviation industry.  His experience covers design, maintenance, installation and commissioning of critical airways technical facilities and he has worked in the most operationally critical areas in Australian aviation. His extensive knowledge and experience covers everything from replacing lamps for airfield lighting to replacing radar facilities and control towers.

Andrew started out as an apprentice electrician in 1978 with the Commonwealth Department of Aviation and after completing his apprenticeship, he moved through the ranks to become Senior Airways Technician.  He has completed the South Australian Electrical Technicians Certificate (Associate Diploma Equivalency), Electrical Trade Certificate and had an additional six years formal on the job training with the Australian Department of Aviation (now called Airservices Australia).

He spent over 25 years in senior technical roles conducting design, installation, technical inspections, commissioning and maintenance of airport technical facilities within Australia, before starting his own company, Airside Technical in 2009.

Andrew’s commitment to providing optimum solutions and thinking outside the box led to him being awarded with an Australia Day Achievement Award Medallion for exemplary services to the Australian Aviation industry in 2002.


Andrew is thoroughly experienced in the electrical, communications and technical airfield operations and his multiple qualifications include; Advanced Airport Lighting Certificate, High Voltage Operators certificate and Audio/ Radio Frequency Fundamentals. He also has airways technical certifications relating to power generation, communications, radio operator proficiency, airport lighting, visual approach and advanced power systems.  As work safety is of paramount importance, he holds current OHS and St John First Aid qualifications and keeps up to date with the appropriate state and federal workplace safety laws.

Vasilaki Georgiou

Senior electrical specialist

Vas has worked in the airfield electrical industry for 13 years.  He has a broad range of skills and is highly experienced and versatile working on projects covering all aspects of airfield lighting (AGL) and electrical systems.  He regularly undertakes CASA auditing, maintains and installs high-reliability airport technical facilities including PALC/AFRU, control systems, solar power systems, power generation and Low Voltage /High Voltage reticulation systems, airport lighting and Precision Approach Path Indicator systems.  He has installed navigational aids from the ground up and his outstanding enthusiasm for this industry shows by his attention to detail and outstanding workmanship on any task given to him. 

Vas has spent two years with the Australian Antarctic Division maintaining airport and power generation facilities in the extreme conditions found in the South Pole.  He is known for thinking ‘outside the box’ and often creates innovative, cost-effective solutions for clients.  From maintaining airport lighting in remote Australia to maintaining airport lighting in remote Antarctica, no job is either too far or too difficult for Vas to accomplish.


Electrical License – obtained from apprenticeship (SA, NSW, VIC, WA, NT)

Basic Airport Lighting – Formal Training

Power systems – Formal Training

Airport Work Safety – Formal Training

OHS and safe work practices – Formal Training

Radio Operator Proficiency – Formal Training

Senior First Aid – Formal Training

Brenton Harris

Construction Manager

Brenton has 35 years’ experience in the construction industry working on airport refurbishment projects large and small including the installation of AGL, PAPI, helipad lighting, underground cable systems, solar obstacle lighting and apron floodlighting. 

Brenton Harris is highly knowledgeable and brings a wealth of experience having worked for eight years as the airport and town infrastructure maintenance manager in Leigh Creek.  Prior to that he managed various maintenance and infrastructure roles and has worked on many different projects in the mining industry including large civil and construction projects.


Excavator Operator – Formal Training

Bobcat Operator – Formal Training

OHS and safe work practices – Formal Training

Senior First Aid – Formal Training

Phillip May

Linesman and airport lighting civil construction specialist

Phillip has over 40 years’ experience in airport lighting and construction.  He has extensive experience working on airports throughout Australia including airport Low Voltage /High Voltage overhead and underground reticulation systems, airport lighting, Precision Approach Path Indicator systems, tower construction and maintenance.


Linesman – Formal Training

Rigger – Formal Training

Underground cable systems installation, fault location, repairs and maintenance – Formal Training

OHS and safe work practices – Formal Training

Radio Operator Proficiency – Formal Training

Senior First Aid – Formal Training