Airport Electrical and Airfield Ground Lighting (AGL)

AGL light fittings

AGL light fittings

Airside Technical’s range of CASA compliant LED airport ground lights are the most competitively priced on the market and can be installed without the need to replace any existing transformers and cables. Made from sturdy aluminium and glass, they are robust, durable, easy to maintain and intended for an extended service life. Having been tested for over 5 years in the harshest of Australian climate, you can rest assured that our lights will last the distance.

For your existing AGL fittings, we can also offer spare parts sourcing; advice and support via our extensive network of industry technical parts specialists. If your light fittings are new or old, we can help find the right lamp or spare parts to suit your needs.

Project-specific AGL Lamps

Airside Technical supply many types of lamps for all airport applications including Runway Lighting, Taxiway Lighting, TVASIS, PAPI, IWDI, Apron Floodlighting, Airport Beacon, Obstacle Lighting and many more.

Having difficulty locating a specific lamp? Contact us and we will find and source it for you at a highly competitive rate. Alternatively, as part of our commitment to providing superior customer service, we can arrange for manufacturing of custom-made lamps and light fittings to suit specific applications or match an existing type or particular technical specification.

Our airport lighting service includes

  • Airport lighting control systems
  • Solar portable airport ground lights
  • Design and installation of cable systems
  • Underground cable fault finding and repairs
  • Cable pits and transformers
  • Runway and taxiway lighting
  • Airport floodlighting
  • Apron and obstruction lighting
  • Airport guidance lighting
  • Helipad Lighting Systems
  • MAGS – Movement Area Guidance Signs
  • PALC – Pilot Activated Lighting Control –repairs and replacements
  • PAPI – Precision Approach Path Indicator systems – repairs, maintenance and upgrades
  • TVASIS – Replacements and upgrades for T-Visual approach slope indicators
  • IWDI – Illuminated Wind Direction Indicators (LED windsock systems)
  • Backup power supplies, solar power systems and generators
  • Cable supply, location, joining, joint kits and connections
  • Electrical Audits, Installation and maintenance
  • Emergency beacons and light bars for vehicles

Airport Communications

Airside Communications

Airside Technical’s aviation and commercial radio communications experience spans over five decades.  We are dedicated to providing the best communication infrastructure solutions for clients and can work within budget constraints.  Having built a trusted network of suppliers to source all of the major and obscure brands we can guarantee that you get the best outcomes, on time and on budget.

Whether it is a new radio product, accessory, battery, antenna, spare part, repair or something out of the ordinary, Airside Technical have the contacts and supply networks to source your requirements. That’s our promise!

We also offer a range of remote control and monitoring devices to offer cost-effective solutions as an alternative to installing cables from point A to B.

Our range of communications products include

  • MET display systems
  • AWIS (aerodrome weather information service) systems
  • AWIB (aerodrome weather information broadcast) systems
  • Air-ground / air band radio equipment
  • Personnel to aircraft radio
  • Radio communications for ground staff
  • Transmitters, receivers, antenna, links and repeaters
  • Frequency allocations
  • Radio programming and software updates
  • Radio batteries and cases
  • SMS remote control and monitoring systems
  • Wireless remote control and monitoring systems
  • Microphones
  • Headsets (standard or Bluetooth)
  • AFRU – Aerodrome Frequency Response Units –repairs and replacements
  • AWIS – Aerodrome Weather Information System –repairs and replacements
  • PALC – Pilot Activated Airport Lighting Controller –repairs and replacements
airside technical airport services

CASA Airport Technical Inspections

Airside Technical are highly competent and offer a systemised approach to CASA airport auditing.  All our inspections come with an in-depth investigation and reporting documentation to cover all aspects of technical, electrical and communication systems.  We document and report comprehensively during our audits, going through a step by step process and checklist.  To ensure accuracy, all tests are undertaken with test equipment which is independently calibration checked annually.  With this thorough and regimented inspection process, there is full traceability and transparency for compliance purposes.  Technical facility deterioration or repairs are monitored and performance compared over time to help predict failures and perform remedial action before they occur.

Airport Technical Services

Airside Technical offers a range of in-house services from audits, consultancy, design, installation and upgrades for all of your electrical, communications and technical needs.  This makes us your ideal partner and one trusted point of contact to service all of your requirements including


  • CASA airport technical inspections and audits
  • Compliant project consultancy, design and planning
  • Creating alternative solutions for difficult to overcome situations
  • Component replacement with modern, cost-effective alternatives
  • Repairs and lifecycle extensions of airport lighting facilities
  • Asset and operational facilities maintenance
  • Technical systems and purpose-built technical equipment
  • Energy conservation consultation and solutions
  • Supplying parts and products that have been specifically designed instead of modified to suit the application
  • Consulting and facility assessment services
  • Industry compliance training and consultation services
  • Managing facility maintenance and spare parts usage tracking
  • Designing innovative technical products that set the benchmark in the industry
  • 24 Hour emergency fault restoration (by email or phone) for existing and new clients
airside technical airport services Adelaide

Airport Communications

Airport Critical Power Infrastructure

Maintaining power to critical technical facilities is vital for the safe operation of an airport. Here at Airside Technical, we offer a full suite of services and backup power facilities including:

  • Diesel/petrol power generation equipment and installations
  • Power transmission and reticulation systems
  • Portable and fixed solar-powered systems
  • UPS systems
  • DC/AC inverters and rectifiers
  • Batteries, battery chargers and power supplies
  • Lightening, surge arrest and earthing systems
  • Electrical control systems

Terminal Building Facilities

In addition to providing cost-effective technical and electrical solutions and lighting for airport infrastructure, we also supply a host of products and services to airport terminal buildings including:

  • Solar powered LED security lighting
  • Terminal building lighting systems
  • Pass back alarm systems
  • Flight information display systems
  • Electric door/Gate controls and security devices
  • Public address and alerting systems
  • Programmable LED information signs
  • Monitored fire alarm systems